Happiness is around the corner!

Don't you sometime wonder how some people always seem to be happy, no matter what?

Have you ever felt more depressed than others and unable to join their state of happiness? 

Don't wait anymore!

Follow Mystic on his journey of recovery and unlock with him the secret to true happiness...


 A transformative novel with something for everyone.


Mystic the cat loses everything he thought was the cause of his joy and reason for existence when his best friend Bumpa goes missing.

His self-confidence shattered, Mystic decides to find his friend, and in doing so finds so much more.

It’s only when he looks outside of himself for happiness that Mystic discovers the real sense of joyful life he’s searching for has been within him the whole time.

Bolstered by his newfound love for life, he experiences the beauty of the world as never before, the power that self-esteem and tolerance hold, and the impact his happiness has on those around him.


A cat who emotionally resembles us all.


An uplifting tale for adults and children alike, and an invaluable roadmap that illustrates the power of positivity, Mystic and the Secret of Happiness will give you the tools necessary to revolutionize your way of thinking and free you from negativity. It points the way to true happiness...





Let Mystic show you the winding road to your happiness…


This seemingly unassuming book provides great messages and a deeper understanding of our feelings, how essential they are to our well-being, how they shape our values and affect the way we go through life. Instead of letting inner happiness happen by chance, we can make it an intended choice. Simply put, this is a wonderfully motivating, poignant, and commendable read from Anne-Claire Szubaniska for young and older readers.

Lit Amri for Reader’s Favorite




Seen through the eyes of small, furry characters, the metaphors for life are stronger than ever by their distancing from the human brain. I found myself wanting Mystic to appreciate life, and in doing so highlighted the self-damaging processes that I know I and many others are prone to do.

K. C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite