A journey toward fearlessness...

Follow Mystic on a journey of discovery, and with him, learn the secret to

true happiness...


Have you ever felt buried beneath the weight of negativity, unable to experience joy?

Do you wonder how some people are able to maintain their sense of happiness no matter what?

You’re not alone. At one time or another, we’ve all been in a pit of despair where it feels like happiness is an impossibility.

It is here Mystic the cat begins his journey toward a place of pure joy and harmony--a place we all can reach.

Don’t wait anymore!


 Let Mystic show you the winding road to your happiness…

Mystic the cat loses everything he thought was the cause of his joy and

reason for existence when his best friend, an elephant named Bumpa

goes missing.


Heartbroken, Mystic decides to search for his lost friend, and regain his

happiness. But on his journey, he meets a strange, beautiful black cat

named Freedom who insists he doesn’t need Bumpa to be happy,

and a terrifying red cat named Trembly who tries to convince him that

happiness is an illusion.

Mystic’s hope shatters and his worst fears threaten to push him into a

bottomless abyss of pain.


Will Mystic have the strength to face his fears?

Will he figure out who is trying to help him, and

who his true enemies are?

Will he ever see Bumpa, or be truly happy ever again?

This seemingly unassuming book provides great messages and a deeper understanding of our feelings, how essential they are to our well-being, how they shape our values and affect the way we go through life.

Instead of letting inner happiness happen by chance, we can make it an intended choice.

Simply put, this is a wonderfully motivating, poignant, and commendable read from Anne-Claire Szubaniska for young and older readers.

Lit Amri 


Seen through the eyes of small, furry characters, the metaphors for life are stronger than ever by their distancing from the human brain.

I found myself wanting Mystic to appreciate life, and in doing so highlighted the self-damaging processes that I know I and many others are prone to do.

K. C. Finn