My childhood was a painful experience, but my mother’s parents, Papi and Miman, showed me the way to happiness.

They made me feel both loved and worthy of love from others, and my heart fluttered with joy every second I spent with them.

As a teenager, I became deeply depressed and discovered I had lost the ability to surrender to their pure love or feel any joy. 


These feelings lasted until years later when I came upon my first self-help book and simply couldn’t stop reading. It was like being reminded of something long forgotten:

“We can each calm our mind and be happy—no matter what.”

For the first time in many years, the spark of life was ignited in me again. But I still wasn’t happy… 


I read many other books and attended all kinds of workshops, and even though their teachings made sense to me, I was unable to successfully apply them in my life.

But, one day while meditating, I suddenly experienced joyful flutters in my heart again—the same beautiful, ticklish emotion of joy I had only felt with my grandparents as a young child—and I understood something...


I realized that when my mind was silenced all the fear was gone and I could feel happiness again. My fears were the real obstacle I had to overcome, the same way I unknowingly did as a child when I was young and carefree. I could let go of my fears the moment I arrived at my grandparents, surrender to their love and be happy. But as I got older, even this safe, loving environment wasn’t enough. My fears had become too dominant and overwhelming, and I could no longer leave them at my grandparents’ doorstep. I was miserable.


I wanted to experience this state of peaceful happiness at all the time. Not only when meditating. But how could I do that? How could I mute my fears and surrender to the happiness of life again?


I kept reading and practicing until finally, even though my emotions were still like a roller-coaster it became easier for me to reach a better state of well-being. That’s when the idea of writing a story about my spiritual journey came to me. 


At first, it felt silly to sit down and write about this cat who was experiencing all of my fears, but as the story went on, something magical happened. One day I noticed that I was becoming less and less affected by those fears I had been unable to mute.


In frightening situations, my reaction had always been a feeling of anxiety.

I discovered that was no longer the case. Instead, my mind would conjure up the funny characters from Mystic and the Secret of Happiness at once, and I was able to see my fears in a new, humorous light. I felt relief.


My fears are still with me today: the fear of not being loved or of being left behind, of being different or less than others, of failing or being judged and humiliated… but they don’t control me anymore.


Mystic and the Secret of Happiness has become my method to put my fears away, and I am thrilled to share it with you.