K.C. Finn - "An essential read for anyone who knows they are their own worst enemy."

As a straight novel, Mystic’s adventure could be viewed as simplistic in parts, but it’s the overall purpose of Anne-Claire Szubaniska’s writing which makes this work stand apart from its predecessors. Seen through the eyes of small, furry characters, the metaphors for life are stronger than ever by their distancing from the human brain.

I found myself wanting Mystic to appreciate life, and in doing so highlighted the self-damaging processes that I know I and many others are prone to do.

Mystic and the Secret of Happiness holds up a mirror to the reality of the cages we put ourselves in, and I’d recommend it as an essential read for anyone who knows they are their own worst enemy."  

 Loree - Ann  - "Beautiful Story"   

"I loved this book. The flow of the story was awesome.

The lessons in the book were very heartfelt and teaches you how to find happiness.

We all have bad days in life and life gets complicated sometimes.

This book truly helps you see the brighter side and things in life."


TheJayne - "Gotta read this"

"A teaching book about life and happiness.

I really needed this lesson to help me with my life own depression!

Merci Beaucoup!"

Reviewed by Lit Amri: 

“If you practiced feeling joyful the way you practice finding excuses to not be happy, you would always feel amazing no matter what happened to you.”

This seemingly unassuming book provides great messages and a deeper understanding of our feelings, how essential they are to our well-being, how they shape our values and affect the way we go through life. Instead of letting inner happiness happen by chance, we can make it an intended choice.

Simply put, this is a wonderfully motivating, poignant, and commendable read from Anne-Claire Szubaniska for young and older readers.

Martysc3 - Mystically Wonderful

"The story is so charming that I was hooked before I recognized I was learning something so

thought provoking!

It articulated and summarized ideas which were wandering unorganized in my brain.

What an enjoyable discovery!"


Toni - "Wow"

"This books tells you just what you need to find peace and happiness in a way that is easy to understand.

Recommend highly for anyone suffering from depression and the loss of a loved one."



Deb - "This book is a great book on how to build self esteem"

"This book is a great book on how to build self esteem and find inner happiness in every aspect of life

even when it seems impossible.

Truly, a pleasure to read."


Caroline Courey 

"I love this warm insightful story with a powerful message for all ages.

Beautifully done in every way."

Peggy Jo Wipf

I found Mystic and the Secret to Happiness not only entertaining, but very helpful in recognizing when people let their circumstances control their emotions. Anne-Claire Szubaniska shows how inner joy will draw others to you because of your happiness and sense of peace.

It appears that Anne-Claire could not have taught these truths without learning them for herself. The words of wisdom that came from the cat Freedom must have been learned firsthand. I did find it quite humorous when Mystic first started experiencing joyful intuition. I felt drawn to the author and the contagious joy that she spread to those around her, and consider my life and attitude more enriched because of this book.

I felt the main message of this book is that having inner peace and joy allows you a happiness that isn't dependent on anyone person or event.

Anna Maria DeLibertis - "Positive and Uplifting"

Reading Mystic helped me find my own happiness. It did a way better job than all the therapists I've been to.

This book completely changed my life. If you are looking for happiness, this is the book to read."