Deb on March 11th 2018, (Verified Purchase).

 "This book is a great book on how to build self esteem and find ..."

"This book is a great book on how to build self-esteem and find inner happiness in every aspect of life even when it seems impossible."

Truly, a pleasure to read."



Barlor on February 15th 2018, (Verified Purchase).

 "A delightful read..."

"Through Mystic’s adventures, the reader relates to his/her own desire to be happy - not an easy task these days.

Using animals as main characters, readers can appreciate the message of hope, without the interference of pre-conceived human assumptions."



Caruso on January 11th 2018, (Verified Purchase).

"The initiatory book to have in each paper or virtual library!"

"This initiatory book relates the unfailing friendship between the vulnerable Mystic and his imposing companion Bumpa. On the path that connects them, a philosophical dialogue engages with Freedom, an enlightened conscience who, like Socrates discussing with Plato, allows everyone to find the keys that will open the way to happiness.
A feast of the spirit, this contemporary and humanistic fable, which carries the big ones and the young ones, deserves an adaptation of Pixar on the big screen, and find its place in every paper and digital library!



Sarah on January 12th 2018, (Verified Purchase). 

"Such a great novel! A beautiful story full of joy love ..."

"I actually felt really good just reading it! It shows you how to live your life, act on it, make your own happiness instead of just enduring it. It gets you to put things on perspective. I can't wait to read Anne-Claire Schubaniska's next novel!"



Florence Debruille on March 11th 2018, (Verified Purchase). 

"Thanks to Mystic I have discovered that happiness is easily reachable"

"It has clearly changed my daily life! I really enjoyed this moving and happy tale! A book to read and a perfect gift for your love ones!"



Caroline Courey on March 5th 2018, (Verified Purchase).

"I love this warm insightful story with a powerful message for all ages. Beautifully done in every way."



Danes on January 17th 2018

A good introduction to personnal development This book perfectly illustrates the ...

This book perfectly illustrates the questions we have and the solutions we could find to improve the way we think and act in life.